Sales Analytics

Get complete control over your sales outcomes, enjoy full visibility into your pipeline and make data-driven decisions to optimize strategies.
Visualize sales trends, uncover hidden opportunities and identify top performers.

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Key insights at the speed of business

Steer better with real-time analytics

Make informed & timely decisions with live sales metrics, reducing unnecessary follow-ups and saving leadership time

KPI driven sales acceleration

Execute high-velocity sales by measuring KPIs performance compared with base metrics

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Instant no-code multi-dimension analytics

Build detailed sales charts in seconds

Transform raw sales data into actionable visualizations instantly

Data visualization

Make use of a variety of charts to create insightful reports and dashboards

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Know your business inside-out

Stay on top of crucial metrics

Track key metrics such as lead conversion rates, pipeline velocity, and sales team performance

Zero-in on what matters

Easily narrow down any graph by filtering based on fields or agents to focus solely on the information that matters most

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Secure and easy dashboard sharing

Easily share with your teams

Create user groups for hassle-free sharing. Updates are reflected instantly for everyone

Hierarchy-based data visibility management

Share dashboards without worry. Hierarchical permissions ensure agents only see the data they're meant to

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Maximizing insights with's versatile APIs

Effortless graph data retrieval

Retrieve graph data dynamically from any external system with robust APIs

Enhance insights with external data analytics integration

Seamlessly integrate external data analytics tool dashboards into enhancing the depth and breadth of insights

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