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Say goodbye to manual tasks and hello to streamlined efficiency - Automate everything from lead entry, assignment to follow-up and nurturing. Eliminate bottlenecks and improve productivity.

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Create powerful workflows in just 3 steps

Just create a workflow and then forget about doing everything manually.

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Set trigger

The automation's initiation point, such as when a new lead is updated

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Specify conditions

An if/else condition typically followed by an action, such as if the lead expressed interest

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Select actions

Perform an action upon meeting a condition, like sending an email to lead

Automate custom objects management

Create custom objects

Create new custom objects on-the-fly, ensuring that you are equipped to handle new data

Update custom objects

Automatically update existing custom objects based on predefined conditions or triggers

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Gain Insights with
automation workflow logs

Detailed execution paths

Review detailed paths of workflow execution, including the sequence of actions performed and any errors encountered along the way

Comprehensive logging

Gain visibility into completed, failed, and in-progress automation workflows, allowing to assess effectiveness and troubleshoot any issues

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Automate your communications

From real-time notifications to personalized messaging, automation workflows enable you to engage with your audience efficiently and effectively.

Real-time notifications

Instantly receive notifications for lead assignments and stage updates

WhatsApp messages

Nurture leads by sending personalized WhatsApp messages

Email alerts

Send timely and personalized emails to your leads or agents

Advanced workflow automation and data management

Optimize processes and maximize efficiency with advanced workflow automation.

Schedule workflows

Set up workflows to run at specific times, so that routine tasks are executed when needed

Streamline lead management

Automate lead detail updates to streamline your lead management processes

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Send data to external systems

Ensure data consistency across your systems with real-time data synchronization

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