Custom Objects and Relations

Break free from standard objects (contacts, leads, and deals) and create custom objects to store data tailored to your unique business needs. Establish relationships between custom object and standard objects or other custom objects, providing a comprehensive view of your business process.

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Seamless custom object creation

Capture everything you need

Freedom to structure your business data precisely as required. Store whatever data you need

Zero coding needed

Create custom objects quick and easy without the need for involving developers or writing code

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Define multi-dimensional relations across objects

Configure relationships of your choice

Establish 1-to-1 or 1-to-many relationships between custom or standard objects

Get 360-degree view of your data

Establish relationships by linking custom objects to contacts, leads, or even other custom objects for a holistic view of your data

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Leverage peak efficiency with automation workflows

From real-time notifications to personalized messaging, automation workflows enable you to engage with your audience efficiently and effectively.

Build workflows with ease

Build workflows based on your custom data, just like you do with standard objects.

Auto-create related records

Trigger the automatic creation of related records across standard and custom objects directly from your custom object workflows

Dynamically update related records

Distribute leads using a fair and transparent process, preventing leads from falling through the cracks

Unlock deeper insights with custom object analytics

Gain a complete data picture

Extend's analytical power to include the unique data you store in custom objects

Discover data-driven insights

Track patterns, identify correlations, and discover insights specific to your custom objects and related data

Customizable reports & dashboards

Visualize your custom object metrics in dashboards tailored to your exact needs

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