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How Floww.ai pricing works

You only pay for what you need when you need it. Zero Gimmicks!
Licenses/ Accounts
  • A monthly subscription amount per account (users and admins) is billed for access to the platform
  • Choose between monthly/ quarterly/ half-yearly/ annually billing options as per your budgeting preference and cash flow needs!
  • Seamlessly add accounts on-the-go and enjoy a pro-rated pricing only for the billing period used for newly added accounts
Enterprise Support
  • Receive high-touch ongoing support with minimal or no additional cost.
  • Our dedicated customer success managers are committed to your continued success. They provide proactive guidance, offer insights, and work closely with you to help get the most out of Floww.ai powerful sales suite!
Onboarding and Implementation
  • Being a 100% no-code platform, Floww.ai brings in a lot of efficiency during implementation thereby passing on the time and effort savings back to customers.
  • Thorough trainings will be provided for your admins and users, ensuring everyone is equipped to maximize the platform's potential from day one.
  • A one-time setup fee may be billed based on any additional requirements and customisations.

What sales teams say about Floww.ai

Hear the real success stories from the leaders powering growth

Floww.ai's comprehensive data analytics provides the management with complete visibility needed to make informed decisions.
Sujan Sivakumar
Zonal Manager - South India
Agents can now receive call-specific feedback and managers can ensure its effective implementation, all in one seamless process.
Gaurav Verma
AVP Sales - Odisha, Gujarat
Our sales teams can give their full attention to what matters most – sales, by streamlining time-consuming tasks like sync-ups & follow ups.
Yashwanth Padakanti
AVP Sales - North India
Floww.ai has made capturing hot leads a breeze, allowing us to seize valuable opportunities effortlessly.
Business Manager - Tamil Nadu
Floww.ai's seamless integrations with our essential platforms have transformed it into our all-in-one task solution. It's a true game-changer for our workflow efficiency.
Rohit Padavanil
Business Manager - Kerala
It eliminated a multitude of redundant tasks, allowing resources to use their time effectively.
Chiranth Raj
It gave us exceptional flexibility for building powerful analytics, empowering us to tailor data insights to our unique needs.
Akhilesh Bangalore
AVP Sales- Tamil Nadu
Floww.ai's Advanced Lead Allocation and Smart Boards have reduced the managers delegation time by 95%
Pranshu Bisht
Business Manager - North India
Floww.ai enables us to customize tasks at the lead stage level, giving us a high level of control over our workflow.
Rama Manikanta
Senior Sales Associate - Telangana
Floww.ai has been instrumental in adding velocity to NxtWave's growth enabling smoother sales and better student onboarding experience
Anupam Pedarla
Cofounder & COO, NxtWave
100% Precision and Visibility. Floww.ai offers unparalleled visibility, allowing me to steer sales operations with utmost precision
Sasank Parimi
CEO, iB Cricket
Floww.ai's intuitive user interface ensures that even entry-level employees can quickly and effortlessly adapt to the system. Everything is straightforward.
Syed Asif Ali
Customer Support Manager - Tamil Nadu
The platform streamlines and organises entire user information. We can effortlessly access all crucial data consolidated in one place.
Sreeja Gudi
Business Manager - Andhra Pradesh
Our team's productivity improved by 80%. Thanks to floww.ai's context centric and intuitive design!
Zion Pakalapati
Customer Success Specialist