Lead Distribution

Efficiently distribute leads to your team, ensuring every lead is promptly assigned to the right agent, increasing chances of conversion and driving business growth.

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Advanced distribution rules

Round-robin distribution

Distribute leads evenly among team members using a round-robin algorithm, ensuring a fair distribution of workload

Smart distribution

Dynamically allocate leads based on lead segmentation using smart distribution

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Powerful automations

Scheduled lead distribution

Automate the distribution of leads at predefined times or intervals

Event based lead distribution

Automatic distribution of leads based on predefined triggers or event

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Flexibility & control

Agent-specific distribution quotas

Define lead distribution limits per agent, allowing customization by duration (daily, weekly, monthly)

Flexible quota management

Override lead distribution quotas for agents as needed, ensuring flexible management of lead allocation

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Simplified supervision

Supervisory oversight

Assign managers & agents simultaneously for seamless supervision and execution

Instant notifications

Enable notifications to alert both managers and agents upon lead assignment

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Maximizing Efficiency, Conversion, and Equity

Improved efficiency

Distribute leads swiftly and efficiently, saving time and reducing manual workload for your team


Distribute based on geography, expertise and skill set, maximizing chances of success

Fair distribution

Distribute leads using a fair and transparent process, preventing leads from falling through the cracks

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