Floww AI

Facial Recognition on Mobile Devices, Now Completely Offline

With highest recognition accuracy using industry leading algorithms.

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Integrate Floww facial detection, recognition and other features
with an accuracy higher than 99%

Fast & Accurate

Fastest response (in milliseconds) A robust, fast and accurate response to facial recognition real-time, even in complex background.

Face landmark

Floww’s facial recognition and detection technology gives highest clarity 128-point landmark against every background.

User Characteristics Analysis

Collect & analyse detailed information of the face detected in an image includinghead pose, age, facial hair, occlusion, make-up, hair.

Deliver Precise Marketing Message

Advanced targeting for improved marketing effectiveness by putting your customers in the front seat with an immersive experience.

Technical Specifications

Floww’s Facial Recognition Panel SDK comprises best algorithms to capture,
analyse & compare patterns & landmarks.


O.S.: 7.1 Android


Internal Memory: 64 GB (May increase, depending on the size of Images)

SDK Size: 39 MB

Allowable Face Angle: yaw ≤ ± 45º, pitch≤± 75º

Detect Speed: 80ms @ 1080p

Rec. Speed: 6s@1080p

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